Announcing Weston House

20th February 2020 by Allen House Business Centre

Since 1982, Allen House Business Centre in Sawbridgeworth has been continually growing and going from strength to strength and we have been building more and more offices in Allen House.  This is due to our unique and popular, easy in easy out serviced offices in Sawbridgeworth. 

Over the years, other Business Centres have tried to copy and create this business module and recently in the Financial Times, they wrote about leases not being as popular and the month in month office taking over and here at Allen House this is what we offer and has proved to be extremely successful.  At Allen House Business Centre, we believe in up front costs and great value for money. We deliver this service, with our friendly on site help. Any every day questions, we are here to help. With a 95% occupancy and 85 businesses, we have been holding solid for the last 10 years and we are extremely proud to deliver this unique and positive service and we believe that it can’t be delivered anywhere else.  We believe our tenants come first and our approachable staff are always and more than happy to help.

With all of this in mind, Jeff Allen Managing Director of Allen House Business Centre wanted to add to our amazing office space, with a spacious and modern office block to compliment Allen House with the same ethos and team.  There will be a new name for this Business Centre and will be called Weston House. The name Weston House has come from Barbara Allen, Jeff Allen’s wife, this is her maiden name, which is felt fitting as a family run business.  

Carl Allen, Company Director and team is built up with  Electricians, Carpenters, plasterers and plumbers they have been tasked with fitting this amazing modern building with smart entry doors, lighting, eco friendly toilets and spacious offices.  These offices will have air conditioning, fully networked, with super fast fibre, central heating phones and so much more. There will be a lift to each floor making it easy and comfortable to get equipment and services up to the offices on the first and second floors.  Entry to Weston House will be easy and secure with swipe card entry and CCTV monitoring to main doors.