Allen House Term & Conditions for Monthly Tenants

General Information

Allen House is a commercial Business Centre where tenants can book in and out on a calendar monthly basis. Our inclusive package also includes, rent, service charge, building insurance, a monthly electric allowance, business rates, broadband and VoIP phones. This allows you to concentrate on your customers and to expand your business.

Covid-19 Compliance

GOV.UK guidance link :

Common areas

  • Each of the six main entrances has a COVID-19 Secure sign with the four key messages, also a dispenser with hand jell, plus a floor sign to high light our recommendations.
  • All door handles will be sanitized twice a day
  • Toilets will be deep cleaned each day and surfaces sanitized
  • The break out area to the third floor will be closed
  • Kitchen will be cleaned daily and services sanitized
  • Staff that feel ill should stay at home and get tested before returning to work.


  • Where possible contact reception by e mail : or phone 01279 834834
  • To report repairs to reception log onto AHBC Portal and select Job Sheet and follow instruction where you will get a reply within 24 hours informing you whether your job has been marked urgent red 24 hours, amber 7 days, or green 14 days. Where possible jobs will be carried out between 7.30am to 9am when your office is unoccupied or maintenance staff will where face masks.

Office units with 5 or more staff

  • Form a reception area within your unit and protect your receptionist from visitor with screens or barriers and provide hand gel at point of entry. Please see: for in-house providers of screens.
  • Staff that feel ill should be sent home and get tested before returning to work
  • Staff should take their own cleansing wipe to toilets to sanitize anything they may touch.
  • Do not over populate your office unit respect social distances
  • Form barriers where desk are close to one and other.

Office units with 4 or less staff

  • Staff that feel ill should be sent home and get tested before returning to work
  • Provide hand gel for staff and ask them to wash their hands when returning to office
  • Staff should take their own cleansing wipes to toilets to sanitize anything they touch


COVID-19 Guidance for getting tested :


Our rental charges include reasonable electricity usage. Please check the lease licence letter for the allowance of your unit. All units are metered separately and extra usage will be invoiced. Allen House does not accept any liability for loss of income to the tenant for any power failures whether caused by Electricity supplier or Allen House. Allen House reserve the right to switch off the power supply to any unit for repairs or failure to comply with any of our terms, or pay as instructed. Tenants with “power sensitive” equipment should connect at their cost an UN-INTERRUPTIBLE power supply (Ups) to protect their equipment. The tenant is no permitted to add to or alter electrical wiring.

Tenants will have the use of the Allen House portal, this is where you can check your usage and monthly allowance. It is the Tenants responsibility to make sure they look at the portal to check this.


The general water rates are included in the rental charges. Units with their own water supply or kitchen sink, will be invoiced separately depending on their usage with their rent invoice on a monthly basis.

Should tenants block the sinks or cause a flood through neglect then we reserve the right to charge for repairs.

Refuse Collection

Our rental charge includes the collection of five black bin liners and five red recycling bags per month on a regular basis. When bags are full, these are to be left outside your office from 15.30 onwards, Monday – Friday where it will be picked up and disposed of. Any cardboard, will need to be flat packed and also left outside the office and will also be collected. This is due to an insurance risk that we have around the building. Special arrangements can be made for large quantities or special waste, unless specifically confirmed in writing no hazardous waste must be brought into the building or disposed of within the refuse system.

If you have any confidential papers that need shredding, we provide a service of white shredding bags. Those wanting to use the service should contact Reception for costs and details.

We have a recycling system in place at Allen House, all copy paper will need to be placed inside a red recycling bag, cardboard should be flat packed and put outside the office door, where this will be collected after 15.30 hrs Monday – Friday.


The cleaning of communal toilets and hallways are carried out on a regular basis. Tenants can enjoy our cleaning services to their office for our standard monthly fee.


Business rates will be included in your monthly invoice, for those companies that qualify for small business rate relief, you might find zero rates apply. From 1st April 2016 be aware that business rates will be added to your rental payment when the current small business relief finishes.


All rents are reviewed each April when a review is carried out to take account of council rate increases and service costs. All rents and fixed services are payable by direct debit 7 days after the invoice date. Failure to pay rent may result in all services being suspended.



One month’s rent will be retained as a holding deposit. All deposits are refundable one the tenant has given written confirmation that they no longer require the office. Please note that any outstanding charges will be deducted when checking out. The deposit is held without the liability for interest.

Checking In

Licence/leases will be issued on entering Allen House. All tenants will need to appoint a main key holder, key holder, first aider and a safety person. A list of staff that will be working in the office along with their email addresses and phone numbers is needed for our portal. Swipe cards will be assigned for each member of staff with their own number and these should not be passed around.

Checking Out

You must give one calendar month in writing if you wish to give up your unit, unless you are moving to a new unit with Allen House. Tenants will need to pay up to the confirmed notice date, but will need to vacate 3 working days earlier. This is to allow the maintenance team to redecorate. It is the Tenants responsibility to organise the redirection of their post. On the last day of tenancy, at midday, all keys and swipe cards will need to be returned to reception. We will hold onto the Tenants post for 30 days, thereafter it will be returned to sender.


When you agree to Allen House standard terms, you also agree that CCTV cameras will record your staff movements to and from our building along with PNC cameras for vehicle number plate recognition. This will only be used for the prevention and detection off crime and will be used at the absolute discretion of the Directors or Allen House Business Centre, but will not be passed onto third parties, except the police when requested in writing.

Should you require a subject request, you should email email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and address it to the CCTV Director.

When taking up an office at Allen House, each person will be issued a swipe card. The swipe card is to be used as a key to get into the building and for entering and leaving the car park. Staff must only use their own swipe card that is registered to them personally.


Rents include building insurance, which covers the building, public liability to and from your office and loss of rents, but if the tenant should be proved at fault for causing damage to the building, i.e. flooding of the office and Allen House, setting fire to the building through careless cooking etc, then the tenant will be expected to pay the excess of £1,000.00 per claim. Being close to a river and if your office is on the ground floor, everything should be 6 inches off the ground floor level. However, tenants will need to insure their own stock and contents, plus public liabilities. The tenant must not do or permit anything which may prejudice or increase the building insurance premium or policy.

Any accidents or claims should be recorded in your company’s accident book and reported to Allen House by email to email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in writing with photos if possible. The insurance certificate can be viewed in reception.

Parking Terms 2019

Car Parking

The number of parking spaces you have is based on your office and the number of desks allocated to your office as per your licence agreement. We find this is the fairest way to ensure that all of our customers are able to utilise the parking facilities here at Allen House Business Centre.

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking can be managed by each tenant on the AHBC Portal. Visitor vehicle registration details can be added to the portal for parking for a maximum 1 week stay, during office hours. This service is regularly monitored. Repetitive use of the same vehicle registration number(s) is not permitted. Our visitor parking is based on a fair use policy, Allen House Business Centre reserve the right to remove visitor parking from the portal if improper use occurs.

Access cards

All tenants will be issued with an access card. Once handed over, proper use of access cards is the full responsibility of the tenant and must not be shared amongst teams. It is the tenant’s responsibility to update Allen House Business centre of any changes to your team including, starters and leavers where each users full name must be provided.

Replacement, additional and lost Access cards are charged at £20+VAT each.

Additional access passes beyond your office desk allocation can be issued with level 4 access which excludes car parking.

Office keys

Tenants are supplied with 2 office keys per office. Additional offices keys beyond your office desk allocation can be issued when requested for those offices with a lock and key system.

Replacement, additional and lost office keys are charged at £35+VAT each *Postal charges may also occur.

Key holder information

The licence signatory automatically has key holder rights to make changes and request additional office keys and access cards. For additional security measures each tenant can nominate one additional key holder for their business. Allen House Business Centre will only accept requests for additional office keys and/or access cards from the key holder in writing via email to

To All Tenants

We are finding our car park becoming full most days of the week, which is why we need to take action.  With this in mind, we will be introducing the following changes to our terms and conditions for parking, for tenants and visitors as of 1st April 2019.

We ask all our tenants to respect our parking terms and conditions, this is so that we can continue free parking for our tenants and their staff and not to use our parking facility for family and friends to park and/or visit other premises at The Maltings, or trips to London.

Car Parking

Car parking is provided for all our tenants and customers, where possible, tenants’ staff should park in car park A, which is operated by our swipe card entry security system. Should customers choose to park outside of Car Park A, then they should be aware that they might be blocked in temporarily by delivery vehicles.

It is the tenants’ responsibility to register all staff and visitors vehicles.  This is done by the Allen House portal, where your Company Permit Manager can issue a full time parking permit or temporary parking permit for maximum of up to 7 days. All vehicles that enter into Car Park A will be picked up by our PNC cameras and will automatically be issued with a daily parking permit.

Tenants Staff Parking Permits

  1. Tenants are to register all staff details with reception before they can issue a parking permit, (name, mobile, e mail).
  2. Tenants should notify reception whenever staff leave their company.
  3. Only one staff permit per member of staff. (Any second vehicle maybe given a temporary permit or park in the car park using your swipe card.)
  4. Each office unit will be allocated a set number of parking permits.
  5. Should a tenant require more parking permits there will be extra charge.(This is subject to availability.)
  6. Tenants should issue a temporary parking permit for all visitors or non-registered vehicles that park at Allen House for longer than 1 hour.

General Parking

  1. Public parking will no longer be available to Car Park A.
  2. Public free parking will be reduced to one hour & one visit per day.
  3. Visitor free parking will be reduced to 1 hour per day, without a permit.
  4. Tenants should issue their visitors with a temporary parking permit.
  5. Tenant vehicles must be registered with reception to stay overnight.
  6. Tenants vehicles not road legal or incapacitated will be charged £5 per day.
  7. All the parking around Allen House over 1 hour are for tenants vehicles working at AHBC.
  8. We reserve the option to change these parking terms at any time.
  9. No parking on the yellow box to entrance to AHBC.
  10. Do not park on double yellow lines, or obtain permission from reception.
  11. If there is a security breach on your entry code, the code will then be cancelled and may not be re-issued.
  12. Tenants should not park, or issue permits for vehicles, where the occupants are not working or visiting Allen House.
  13. After 18.30 hrs Monday to Friday and at weekends you will need to register any visitors.

Car Park Key Codes

  1. Tenants with a large visiting of external staff may qualify for a company key code for the day.
  2. Staff meetings which are attended by 4 or more outside worker should be registered in advance with reception.
  3. Company key codes will be activated on the day of a staff meeting.

Riverside Parking

  1. Riverside parking outside units/ loading doors, vehicles are to be registered at reception.
  2. Expect to be held up for 30 minute with vehicles unloading to Riverside.
  3. Do not park in parking spaces outside loading doors to units.
  4. Tenants or staff Security breaches for our parking rules will result in suspension of security entry card.

Overnight Parking Long Term

  1. Generally more than a week per vehicle per month.
  2. Maximum two vehicles per tenant office.
  3. Vehicles must be parked in car park A, instructed by Reception and registered.
  4. From 01.04.19 a monthly charge of £100.00 pcm per vehicle registered.
  5. Unregistered vehicles will be charged £5.00 per day.
  6. Charges will apply per calendar month as tenants rent.

Overnight Parking Short Term

  1. Short term overnight parking is less than 3 days consecutively.
  2. Unregistered vehicles will be charged £5.00 per day.
  3. Registered vehicles will be free of change provided they park within car park A.
  4. Reception must be informed and registered how long the vehicle will be parked overnight.


Allen House is a non-smoking building. For those who smoke and those who use the vapour E cigarettes, please use the smoking shelter by the car park. Please do not smoke by any of the entrances to Allen House. E Cigarette use are not pitted to be used in the building or left over night.


Allen House is a listed building and all signs will be approved, supplied, and erected by Allen House. No other signs will be permitted.

VoIP Terms

VoIP terms and conditions are posted separately on our web site, under Terms drop box.

Internet Terms

Internet terms and fair use policy are posted separately on our web site, under Terms drop box.


We offer a full maintenance work force, including plumbers, electricians and carpenters who carry out various tasks from installing an extra socket, to putting up a shelf, or forming an internal office. We do not allow outside contractor to work on the building unless we have confirmed in writing.

Landlords Termination

The landlord reserves the right to give one calendar months’ notice in writing to monthly lease license agreement tenants, or the same notice period as confirmed with their lease license agreement. See checking out for full details.